Fancy Pants- Cha-Cha
Emma - Hudson
Puttin On The Ritz Poodles Future Dams
Chocolates, Blacks, Reds,  ~ Tux, Phantom,  Parti, Solid
Tiny Teacup Poodles, Teacup Poodles, Tiny Toy, Toy Poodles with the Pixie Face
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Home of pampered pet
Teacup and  Super Tiny Toy puppies with the distinctve Pixie face
Home of pampered pets
Ava & Eva -Tux sisters
Get on Waiting list Now for these Future Dam puppies will not last long. 254-434-9449..

June  Puppies

Ava 3lbs.0oz 
Puppies July bred to Ritz

Eva 3lbs 2oz  Puppies June bred to Brody

  Red Sisters
Gabby - Mia
Prissy - Sassy
Future Dams

Emma   3lbs.4oz
Hudson 3lbs 6oz

Emma bred to OMalley - Get on List now!

Hudson - Starting Heat
Teacup Future Dams Now in season and bred..

Puppies Arriving in May 2017

Prissy 3lbs.4oz - Born May 4th Had three Girls
Sassy 3lbs 7oz Born May 14th Had three Girls
Both bred  to our teacup sire Mr Frank  Puppies Call  254-434-9449
Future Dams

They were just to small to breed hated to sell these dolls!
These beauties were in the 2lb range grown
Future Dams

Gabby - today June 1st Starting Heat

Mia - Waiting Heat

Get on Waiting List Now! her puppies will not last ..
Tiny Dancer - Brown Sugar
Future Dams

We are waiting for them to come in breeding season this Winter !
  Gigi - Very Tiny Teacup
  Bella - Very Tiny Teacup
Sire: Teacup Frank
Sire: Teacup Ritz
Sire: Teacup Brody
Home of teacups with the famous Pixie Face
Hated to sell our Cha-Cha and Fancy Pants but sometimes they are just to small tfor breeding program. These two little ladys were under 3lbs and considered grown so they were sold !
Chocolate, Black, Red,  ~ Tux, Phantom,  Parti, Solid  -  Tiny Teacup, Teacup, Super Tiny Toy,  puppies with the Pixie face
P uttin On  The Ritz  Poodles - Few of  our stunning puppies with the Pixie face
ASAP! to reserve  puppy, a $500 deposit is required            Update Price Effective June 1st  : Mirco 4500.00  2lb range  / Teacup  3 to 4lb range 3500.00  TinyToy  5lb to 6lb ranger 3500                              (Any Size or Solid Chocolate or Black Puppy 4500.00)
     Teacups and Super Tiny Toy Poodles
Request waiting list for puppies  Call 254-434-9449
  Gigi - Very Tiny Teacup
Tam - our  Gigi
Hann - our  Bella
Nanny - Gigi
Poodles with the Pixie Face
2017 Summer Puppies are on their way, Dams that are bred now are Tessa, Olivia, Lilly Prissy, Sassy, Emma more starting in season. Get on list now only going to sell few of each litters..    only two boys will be sold!
Bred to Mr Frank
Bred to Mr Frank
Mr Ritz.
Mr Brody
Bred to
Mr Frank