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ASAP! to reserve  puppy, a $500 deposit plus sales tax 6.75% / transaction fee 3.5% is required

Puttin On The Ritz Poodles 6104  W US Highway 377 is a Texas dog breeder license number 336. Our dogs are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.   "Dog and cat breeders are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711, 1-800-803-9202, 512-463-6599,"  
We Puttin On The Ritz Poodles Seller / Buyer Agreement:
Seller and Buyer agrees to all terms and conditions concerning puppies and payments beow.

Waiting List Future Puppy a 500.00 Deposit is required after birth you chose your puppy full balance is due.
Availability Puppy full payment required for any puppies availability now, 6.75% tax  and 3.5% transaction fee will apply all transactions,
Failure of payments,or balances in full at set given time asked of you, you (the buyer) will Null and Void our agreement, therefore you the buyer will foreited any and all to seller, all deposit or received payment monies, future, available puppy will be foreited to we the (seller) owner.    
If an act of nature does occur to dam future puppy, or available puppy you chose, you will be moved to next availible puppy as the list determines of same sex, color and value and or a another dam for a future puppy coming. There are no refunds. Any and all transactions are final and not refundable for any reason or  cause..
Our poodles are sold as  As Is,Where Is, as pets only, but do sell a few as portental breeders but at buyers risk, any male or female canine we sell as a future breeder are sold at buyers  risk  no guarantee.and are sold As Is, Where is
We have the right as we the ( seller) owner, with good reason decide at any given time not to sell to you the ( buyer) then a refund of payment money received from you the (buyer) will be returned by check only or at our chosing.                          

We guarantee,
We believe our puppies are given the best opportunity while in our care for good health as determine by our type of breed of poodle canine and that mother nature provides. the have a clean loving home while here,  when the leave we have no control over the puppy's environment or life therefore you the (buyer) solely reponsible for their health, love and care.
Our puppies are loved and given the most clean and healthy home life we can give them. They are checked by a licensed veterinarian for their health check.  Given first shot and wormed and the docking of tail and declawed. We are devoted to all our furry friends. Buyer is solely reponsible for canine after leaving our care.
As we all know, no one can predict or be responsible for the act of nature that determines a life span of anyone or thing "Sometimes unforeseeable circumstances just happens".     To our knowledge and believe, we have a happy, healthy, gentle and loving canine family.  Animals are like people, they can be very healthy one minute and die the next, nature and our environment plays a big part on our life’s, as we all know,  so many things out there that can kill any breathing thing.  We are all lucky to have good health as long as we can and that nature allows.
Puppie should not be exposed to previously infested disease areas or to places where a high level of exposure to diseases is possible treat him/her as an newborn baby. Safety, food and attraction should be a high on your list for puppies!   
always be careful where you take your pet and who handles it as well.
Your animal (puppy) has received the above vaccinations as documented by the breeder.  It is very important to continue a proper vaccination schedule as recommended by your veterinarian. The Breeder/Seller makes no warranty concerning size, hair, ability to breed, or color at maturity of animal. The animals are sold as pets only, not show animals. Few we do sell as maybe potential breeder (buyer) at your risk, we are not responsible for any act of or act of nature breeding or potential breeding animal. Your animal is guaranteed against developing a contagious disease within twenty-four (24) hours from the date of purchase. We make no other guarantee of the animal’s genetics, or health condition associated with congenital or hereditary defects.   This health guarantee is for the protection of both the buyer and the seller, guarantee is nontransferable. We are not responsible for a puppy's illness, diseases and etc. after they have left our care. You should be careful where you take your puppy and who handles it as well. The puppy should not be exposed to previously infested disease areas or to places where exposure to diseases is possible. Treat him/her as if she is a newborn baby. Safety, food and attraction should be a high on your list for puppies! 
Guarantee does not cover accident, injury or mishandling, or any disease, illness or defect, including but not limited to:  Hydrocephalus / low sugar, any treatable disorders or common disorders in poodle breeds, sample as luxating patella, hernias, open fontanel, nervous system, orthopedic, spinal disease, heart defects (scale 4 or above), genetic defect causing death, congenital organ dysfunction resulting in death, parvovirus,
canine distemper, coronavirus, airway syndrome pallet conditions, malocclusion, periodontal disease, parasites, coccidia, giardia, worms, blood sugar, hair coat and color or skin issues. We have no control over the health, condition, environment or life after leaving our care, and will not be responsible after leaving here there for canines are sold As Is, Where Is. 
We gladly replace your puppy as long as the AKC paper you received from us has not been transferred and a vet  health check stating condition of puppy and under our reasonable circumstances within (24) hours of purchase however, we are not responsible for any vet bills of any kind, , the return puppy or replacement puppy is your responsibly for delivery of return puppy and pick-up, the set date and time you are to return and or pickup new puppy will be determined by us.                        Remember, animals are not goods, you bought it its yours and canines are sold As Is, Where Is. All deposits or payments are non-refundable or transferable both puppy and monies are As Is, Where Is.

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